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We are dedicated to recruitment and selection of lawyers, according to the needs of our customers.

Idealis, your business partner in legal recruitment

Choosing the right legal counsel is a key business decision. In-house lawyer recruitment processes are costly and not always successful in securing a long-term, productive and satisfied employee. Having to select candidates from an ever-increasing number of law graduates and then conducting job interviews can be burdensome and discouraging.
We are definitely willing to undertake this task for you.

Brand statement

Working towards recruiting the best among the best. 
We recruit the most qualified lawyers in the market for top employers.

Confidentiality, the key to our business

Whether Idealis is dealing with a law student (endowed with nothing but potential), or the partner of a leading law firm, we are committed to protecting the confidentiality of each interview as well as safeguarding all the information that we handle. Our client roster is available only upon request.

Our search process

  1. Identifying soft skills It is not all about technical knowledge. Lawyers need to inspire confidence, be able to negotiate, deal with different kinds of people, safeguard company information, and be capable of working on their own as well as being part of a team. These and other soft skills are screened by our team of lawyers working hand in hand with psychologists with expertise in legal staffing.
  2. Matching clients and lawyers
    The profile of each candidate is defined in an assessment meeting with the client. Idealis’ recruiters are experienced lawyers who know the market and the culture within each law firm. We provide candidates with counseling on job search strategies and furnish both clients and lawyers with accurate and reliable information to help find the perfect match. We have a history of achieving long-lasting job matches.
  3. Job interviews in English
    At our office, we interview candidates both in English and Spanish, screening them for technical and personal skills.
  4. Commitment to Quality
    At Idealis Legal Recruitment we strive to provide both candidates and clients with top quality service. We monitor each candidate’s performance long time after his/her their placement.

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